Good Sleep Yields Good Health


Sleep plays an essential role in keeping our bodies healthy. It is critical to normal immune system function, metabolism, memory, and other important functions. Many healthcare providers argue that adequate sleep quality is just as important as proper nutrition and exercise in achieving a healthy life. In order to get a good night’s sleep, it is important for each person to determine what sleep position and type of mattress is best for them.

Typically, sleep quality is measured by how rested the person feels in the morning and whether the sleep was uninterrupted during the night. If the sleep position or mattress type does not provide you with a quality night’s sleep, then it may be time for you to experiment in finding what is right for you. Many people find sleeping on their side to be ideal because it relieves any pressure or pain from the lower back; however, others prefer to sleep flat on their stomach or back. In terms of mattresses, it is common for people to have preferences in the mattress being soft or firm. Most stores will allow customers to test out mattresses with varying degrees of firmness to help in the selection process. If you are suffering from interrupted, poor quality sleep, do not hesitate to seek help. It may be something as simple as laying a different way or using a different mattress.

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