HPV Vaccine (Gardasil ® ) is Now Recommended for Men


The human papillomavirus (HPV) may cause cervical cancer in women and can cause genital warts, anal cancer and oral cancer in both men and women as well as penile cancer in men. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recently recommended that males 11 to 21 years old be routinely offered the Gardasil® vaccine to prevent infection by certain types of HPV. In the past, Gardasil® had only been recommended for females up to the age of 26. The ACIP panel voted 13 to 0 to make HPV vaccination with Gardasil® a routine recommendation for boys age 11 to 12. In a second vote, the panel voted 8 to 5 to extend the routine Gardasil® vaccination approval to boys and men through the age of 21. In a third vote the panel voted 12 to 0 to recommend Gardasil® for 22 to 26 year old men who have sex with men, or who have a weak immune system.

Boys 11 to 12 years old will now be offered Gardasil® as a routine vaccination. The vaccination will also be offered as a “catch-up” to older teens and young men who have not completed the three-shot series.

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